It's all about the price of labor

From the moment when the hostess, the cook, and the waiter walk into the restaurant, the price of labor is determined by the employer. And the price-per-hour is determined by the employer primarily on the basis of the following factors: the volume of work (the total number of dishes prepared), the total number of dishes that will be served, and the total number of servers that will be engaged. The composition of the staff also determines the price. In Russia, the price for a server is determined by the employer on the basis of salary and benefits.The concept of a private contractor is quite new. Today, there are small companies that specialize in private production of dishes, and they are often hired on a freelance basis. I worked for one such company for about two years, and I can say that this situation is not unusual. What is the best way to work with private contractors?I think that it is best to contact representatives of private companies who have contracts with the restaurant to solve various problems, and who are engaged in the production of dishes at home. You can also negotiate with them on the basis of lowering prices. In any case, the quality of the product and the price of the dish remain unchanged. What should you look for in a private contractor?- A wide range of skills and experience.- A high level of professionalism.- A wide range of skills and knowledge. The company will provide the client with the service of cooking and cleaning at home. why choose a contractor?- The service of cleaning and cooking at home will be provided by the company, the price will be affordable, and you will get a contract. I worked for a contractor for the first time in March of this year, and I can say that this situation is not so unusual.What are the rules for hiring a private cook?- You need to be able to work without being paid extra money for the contract. If there is no work, the employee will receive a cash bonus.- The client is responsible for paying the employee's salary. The work of private chefs is not allowed in public places, on street corners, in the company cafeteria, and in the office. It is also not allowed to work with children.Specialist services of private chefs are provided if the company can prove that the employee has the necessary skills and competences. And I work for myself-out of the kitchen of the restaurant. I will cook whatever dish the client wants to cook. In this case, the cook will not have to prepare dishes for the client himself, but will come to me (he will receive training from me). I will cook whatever dish the client wants to cook. The cook will come to me in the evening and I will cook a dish for him. This is a new service for me, and it will be good for me personally. Who will cook the dish?